Lock and Roll: Healing Through Skateboarding

Sep 9, 2019 | Survivor Voices

My name is Treaven Mitchell. My father, MSgt Troy Gary Mitchell, was a retired Force Recon Marine who served 22 years. My mother is Kelly Mitchell and I am one of seven sons.

On October 28, 2009, my father was shot in the face by a teenager who robbed him of his cell phone and wallet which only contained $20.

On October 29, 2009, my family surrounded my father in his hospital bed and we sang Amazing Grace around him. During this hymn, my father took his final breath in this world.

MSgt Troy Gary Mitchell with his wife Kelly Mitchell.

Finding a new hope in tragedy

My life was turned upside-down because a teenager thought life was worth less than a cell phone and wallet. I still struggle to this day with everything that happened with my fathers passing but I want to let others know everything will be okay. Because of this tragedy, I turned my focus towards making a short documentary called Lock and Roll with my good friend Will Black. It’s about my personal story of my father’s murder and how I kept moving forward in life afterward.

Troy and his family.

Lock and Roll was sent off to a few film festivals and ended up winning three awards between the two film festivals it was accepted into. A few years later we decided to make a shorter version of Lock and Roll that focused more on how skateboarding helped me through my troubling times. I would love to share both versions of Lock and Roll with you in hopes it helps anyone out there who is struggling.


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