A Letter to My Daughter

By: Natalie Brothwell

The following is the opinion and analysis of the writer.

A letter my daughter Maliaka on her 15th Birthday by Natalie Brothwell.

May 2, 2022, we should be celebrating your 15th Birthday, but time forever froze you at 13; there’s not a second that goes by that I don’t miss you. A piece of my heart went to Heaven with you. You were an amazing and talented artist at just 13.

I imagine that today you would be opening gifts of art supplies, maybe experimenting with paint and canvas now, and I’d probably straighten your hair like you loved me to do. Then put it in a fancy braid. You’d wear your favorite yellow dress and pink heart necklace and always the Princess that you were, you’d wear a tiara too.

You’d pick your favorite song from Frozen. You loved Elsa and Anna since you were a small girl. My little Munchkin with the squeaky cute voice, you would dance and twirl around singing Let it Go, Let it Go.

To celebrate, I’d make you a yellow cake. Maybe re-try one of those volcano cakes, where yellow frosting and glittery golden sugar would pour over a vanilla cake, dazzling your eyes. I would make your famous heart-shaped Pizza too. Laughter, hugs, and Happy Birthday to you echoing through the house. Cleo, your kitty sitting on top of your shoulders.

You brought Sunshine to our lives. Your light shone brighter than the sun. And you loved all with the same intensity. If only these words could bring to form what I’ve written, I’d crawl into these pages and be with you again. I hope up there in Heaven, you look down and see the many people thinking of you today. And realize how loved you are and always will be. Mommy loves you so much, Baby Girl.

Happy Birthday.

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