Join us!

Be Kind Challenge

HSI has accepted the #BeKindChallenge from Ben’s Bells Project. Now, we are inviting YOU to join in! Anyone can participate in the “Be Kind Challenge” and the paper chain activity can be done anywhere. It is a motivator that helps us practice intentional kindness to those around us and ourselves! Here’s how it works:

Supplies Needed:

Strips of paper for chain links – Paper Slips online or make your own.
Tape or a Stapler *Ideally stapler works best but tape will also work!
Pens, markers, or colored pencils.


1. Download and print the “be kind challenge” chain links Paper Slips so you can track your acts of kindness. Or, make your own by cutting a 5×11” piece of paper into 1”- 2” strips.

2. Place blank chain links in an accessible location along with pens/markers and tape or a stapler.

3. Practice and recognize intentional kindness! This can be something you do for yourself or others. Whether it’s running an errand for a neighbor or showing compassion for yourself when you’re experiencing big emotions, record your acts of kindness throughout the day on the pre-cut strips, looping them together as a chain.

4. At the end of each day, look at how your family’s chain has grown and reflect on the importance of each act of kindness completed. Display your chain for all to see.

What kindness is:

Kindness is contagious, and we hope that by sharing your acts of kindness with others online, you will encourage more acts of kindness to take place throughout our community. What does kindness mean or look like to you?

During these uncertain and challenging times when everyone’s lives are disrupted in significant ways, it is easy to fall into a pattern of identifying all of the negatives around us. HSI challenges you to resist that impulse and instead find positivity, kindness, and compassion wherever it is around you.

These don’t have to be big gestures, they can be seen and done in small everyday activities and interactions.

Some examples are:

  • Siblings helping each other during homeschooling.
  • A fun and silly interaction displayed through your window to bring hope to the people viewing
  • Finding ways to display messages of hope, healing, and affirmations for your neighborhood.
  • Running errands for people who can’t go outside or would otherwise have to rely on public transportation.
  • Being willing to share what you have with someone who has less.
  • Showing yourself empathy, compassion, and love.
  • Remember kindness is not only participating in the act but also witnessing. If you see or hear someone engaging in kindness that counts too! Write it down and add it to your chain!

Share your acts of Kindness!

Post a photo of your kindness chain as it grows on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!
Tag HSI and Ben’s Bells, and use the hashtag #BeKindChallenge to share your acts of kindness. You can also challenge your friends and family to complete the #BeKindChallenge with you. Then, when we get through this pandemic together – which we will- we will all gather in one giant celebration of community kindness to join our chains and witness a tremendous symbol of hope and healing in our community.