Grounding through Grief

As you learn to define and understand how grief shows up in your life, you can start to turn to restorative practices such as grounding to help ease the pain and bring you back to the present.

Fundamental Things to Know About Grief

Losing a loved one to homicide can be a painful and daunting experience. In our support group, survivors discussed the ability to name & define what grief means to them.

Arbitrary Death

Arbitrary Death is for anyone who wonders why and when its government seeks to legally take the life of one of its citizens. It will have you questioning whether you can support a system that applies death as an arbitrary punishment — and often decades after the sentence was given.

Moving Forward

Paloma Sainz shares how she continues to stay strong and serve her community as part of the Covid-19 And Tucson Front Line Workers project.

Stay Strong

HSI Advocate, Sylvia Alvarez, featured as part of Covid-19 And Tucson Front Line Workers, a project by Kathleen Dreier Photography to highlight those continuing to serve in our community during the pandemic