Surviving Father’s Day: Reminiscing Memories with my Father

I lost my dad on August 5th, 2017, and around those dates, I had just turned 17 and started my senior year of high school. Singing happy birthday to a picture is the worst part; waiting for their return is hard, and it’s most challenging when you realize that they will never come back.

A Twin Sister’s Grief

I’m still learning to get pass the dark days all alone. Yet many nights here without you, I wake up to screaming out loud, with a screeching moan. This is a never ending nightmare this has torn me in half.

It’s Okay

I’ve learned so many ways to cope with the murder of my son, Jaron, in 2006, thanks to Homicide Survivors and all my HSI ‘family’. One of the most important lessons I learned is to know when to say “it’s okay”.

The Empty Seat at The Table

Survivors carry the pain and grief of losing our loved ones on a daily basis, but the pain is even heavier around special occasions and holidays. This is because on the most “special” days, once again, our loved ones are not here, and there is an empty seat at the table.